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Treadmill walking is nothing new. It’s one of the easiest workouts to keep fit and stay healthy for everyone. However, many people simply don’t know the best way to walk the best out of their treadmill time. Try 5 ways to boost your treadmill walking workout for better results.


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Keep your shoulders, back, abs engaged and your head looking forward. Don’t use the handrails as they can throw your posture out of whack, making you move slower or even causing an injury. Besides, needing to hold on is usually a sign you’re walking too fast for your ability. Instead, bend your elbows to 90-degree angles and pump your arms as you walk.


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Slamming or pounding your feet on the ground can put a tremendous pressure on your feet, which could lead to shin splints and other injuries. Everytime you run, turn down your music to check your foot strike. If the thuds are too loud, it’s obviously not a good sign. Also, be sure your left foot and right foot make similar sounds so that you’re not favoring either side. To correct both issues, land on your heel then quickly roll onto your toes as you step.


Instead of using the preset programs that are available on each treadmill, try to operate it by yourself. Why? The machine might decrease the settings and make your workout easier before you’re ready to give up. By controlling it manually, you can take initiative and push yourself more.


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Besides speed, incline is another key element that decides the effectiveness of your treadmill workout. The incline helps mimic going up a hill and increase intensity without having to add speed. If you are not used to it, it’s recommended to progress the incline slowly by increasing 0.5 percent each time.

  1. MIX IT UP

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Even working out with treadmill requires variation to ensure progression. Walking with the same intensity day by day will make your body accustomed to it, which makes your workout less effective. Not to mention that you can get bored with what you are doing. To keep challenging yourself physically and mentally, adjust your walking speed, time, and the incline.


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