t be simpler than you think.

For those who are just getting started on their fitness journeys, besides choosing which exercises are the best for them, nutrition is also a very important factor to consider. But the world of nutrition is a tough one to navigate around. Among the countless number of guides, tips, you don’t know which diets to follow, not until you’ve tried them.

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However, it’s not all doom and gloomy. Even though people’s opinions of what works and what doesn’t change over time and even then, they vary from person to person, there are some core truths that remain the important parts of every health lover’s basic diets. Even if you might not be fully, mentally dedicated to shedding fat and gaining lean muscles, these core ideas will help you stay on the right path if you stuck to it.

  1. Drink water

Why such a simple thing? The problem here isn’t necessarily that we don’t drink water, as we all do, but it’s about how we don’t drink it as much as we should. Water instead of whatever else you’re drinking should be your motto from here on out. Not flavored water, not soda consisting of carbonated water, just pure, simple, good ol’ water.

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More than half of our body is made up of water, and our own planet Earth is covered more with water than land. But perhaps because of how much water there is going around, drinking it is simply not one of our priorities. Which is not good, but we can change that, starting from now on.

Every day inside our own body there are thousands upon thousands of tiny processes that must happen to keep us alive and well. Most of them require water as sources of energy, and if you don’t replenish it, you’re going to be in big time trouble. Decreases in physical health, brain functions, constipation, kidney issues… are all the things that might and will happen if you’re fluids deficient.

Practice the habit of drinking water. Not only for the benefits it provides to our daily living, but also because it’s a very good drink itself. It’s better than soda, sweet tea and a lot more (you just haven’t realized that yet), and doesn’t kill you slowly. Start loving it. Drink plenty of it every day for your own good.

  1. Eat more fruit and vegetables in your diets

Fresh fruit contains water and lots of healthy minerals. For that simple reason alone, it’s possibly the best fuel you can give to your body. Moreover, a lot of them are tasty.

Most people know that they should eat more fruit and vegetables: enough articles, news and books have been written about them and their benefits, but unfortunately lots of us are looking the other way. The reason for this simply can be that processed, factory-produced foods are just more attractive. But it’s a paradox. Just for the simple fact that fresh fruit and vegetables are more beneficial to our body and that some of them are actually quite delicious, we have few reasons not to be attracted by them. Yet, as it stands, so many people don’t include any such things in their daily diets. We enjoy risks of digestive ailments, heart diseases, mental illnesses… if we continue on with such unhealthy endeavors.

Like water, eating fresh fruit and vegetables must become the standard and a part of our daily lives. Try to eat at least some fresh fruit, any kind, with every meal. Do it until it’s become a habit, a constant. They form a very important part of all healthy, balanced diets. Naturally low in calories and fat, eating lots of fruit and vegetables help you maintain a healthy weight all the while supplementing good, essential vitamins and minerals for peak bodily functions.

Schedule it out. Tweak your diets. Choose which fruit and vegetables to accompany your daily meals. Do it every day, you need it.

  1. Avoid processed foods

This one is easy and obvious enough, but no one follows this advice because it’s way too tempting not to. The closer to nature we are in our diets (not too close though), the better, but with processed foods we’re walking away from a healthy, pleasurable kind of living. Processed foods contain lots of artificial ingredients that are put there mostly to create a general, flavorful taste that the public might like, and for that fact lots of the ingredients they are made up of are just straight up unhealthy or even harmful. Because the companies that make them care about a lot more than our health, to the point that they dismiss it at times.

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So keep that in mind the next time you get something sugary or with extra salt from neighborhood convenient stores. You take risks every time you consume processed foods, as a lot of them are chemically, not mechanically, altered to be more in line with your taste buds. Obviously you shouldn’t eat something like that.

Start reading the labels. Learn about them. Get to know your enemies and make them your allies. Processed foods don’t usually contain a lot of nutrients, so look for one that do or get something else. But the general rule of thumb is: the more processed foods you eat, the less you will get essential nutrients. And the less nutrients, the worse off you are. So avoid processed foods if you can, and your life and health will be better.


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