voided! Yet, you remain feeling and looking younger than your years only if you change these 6 worst exercise habits that age you! Don’t get panic when in the midst of the day, you notice some new lines on the face in the early morning. It means your daily habits have just added more years to you than you expect. Here are the expert advice on ways how to reverse the clock:


Worst exercise habits that age you: Never take a break
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If becoming fatigued the whole time, or feeling sore after the workout, it means you didn’t allow the body enough time to recover between the exercises. This can age you, according to Mr. John Higgins, an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center.

During your teens and 20s, it nearly takes 18 hours for a full muscle fibers’ repair after being affected by a certain workout. When the exercises tend to turn to be more challenging, then the trainees’ immune system is unable to function efficiently, which results in trouble sleeping.

HOW TO FIX: Take a sufficient number of time between the workout sets, and then enabling yourself to rest the whole day every week. This is when you do nothing else more than stretching and doing gentle yoga poses.


Worst exercise habits that age you: Do low-impact exercises
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Some common low-impact exercises such as aerobics, biking, and running are the good cardio movements, yet they remain to do less for your bone density. In order to protect yourself from osteoporosis, there should be more impacts for your bone health. Stop setting yourself up for a less-than-toned-body.

When you age, the muscles start to lose the muscle tone, at the rate of a half pound one year, especially after you reach the age of 25. Guess what’s next? It’s going to be 5 pounds 10 years later if you do not perform regular strength training, according to Jessica Mathews, an exercise physiologist of the USA Council on the Exercise.

HOW-TO-FIX: Do HIIT and take a rest around 2 days between your routines so that your body has enough time to repair. However, if doing HIIT workouts too often, then you might get injured easily.


Worst exercise habits that age you: Rely much on machines
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When hopping on the fitness machines for the whole resistance workout program, make sure to include one dumbbell movement for an effective anti-aging impact. Machines are responsible for locking you in the place and stabilizing the body, which is nothing bad for the freshers. However, it might not work in all of your planes of motion or hit your core muscles.

Instead, try the free weights which allow you to become both strong and fit as much as you want. More than that, the tools often ask for balance – an ability that can be gradually lost with age.

HOW-TO-FIX: Try to alternate the weights per day and then your fitness machines next time to hit the same body part. For instance, while working hard on a machine on one day, let’s choose the chest fly machine so that you can do dumbbell chest presses for the coming movement.


Worst exercise habits that age you: Neglect your posture
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Stop looking older than your true age by paying more attention to your posture. As usual, there are only a few muscle groups that guys like to train on a regular basis so that they could make them look great under a shirt. But hey, the back pain and chronic neck will appear if you remain to neglect an important body part – Your posture.

Neglecting your posture, sitting in the wrong way for a long period of time in front of the computer, or basically hunching the shoulders while sitting…are all the main reasons leading to such debilitating pains down the path.

HOW-TO-FIX: Use the pulling & reverse poses in the routine like seated row for instances. Also, don’t ignore some useful yoga asanas to help to boost your posture, from Tree Pose to Mountain Pose.


Power moves
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Advanced athletes are not the only ones needing power the most, and the problem here is how fewer we tend to do such things when we start to age. This results in a loss of muscle fibers over time, and then we won’t be able to react sharply and quickly as before.

Do not train solely for power, but also not miss it in your own routine! As many studies prove, the more power you gain, the stronger you will become. This is better when you must place some real weights in the bar or perform from 8 to 10-reps max lift.

HOW-TO-FIX: Include power moves to your regular exercise program to helps: Do a squat by lowering and standing up onto your toes. In other ways, you can lower into a lunge position at a moderate pace and then get back to the starting point.


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