simple way to keep you strong, healthy and fight again many health problems, even diabetes. Base on many reliable studies, exercising helps control blood sugar level by promoting insulin sensitivity.

The other reason people with diabetes should exercise is because they are more likely to have blocking arteries. This increases the chance of heart attack. By exercising, you can stimulate and boost your blood flow to dissolve clots blocking arteries.


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Health professionals suggest that people with diabetes should perform physical activities 3 times a week. 30 – 60 minutes of risk walking will be a suitable exercise for anyone as it can be done anywhere without equipment required.

  1. YOGA

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This traditional type of exercise helps you build up strength, flexibility, endurance as well as fight against many chronic conditions. Many yoga exercises are similar to bodyweight training, which can help you strengthen your muscles and reduce stress. When you are less stressed, you can control sugar blood level better.


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This fun and enjoyable kind of exercise is good for both physical and mental health. By trying to remember the steps and the movement, you improve your brain power and memory day by day. It can motivate even lazy people to do physical activities, help them release stress and lose weight.


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Weight training is highly recommended for diabetics as it the best workout to build up muscles. Your muscles use glucoses in your blood for the energy they need. So, the more muscle you have, the easier you can control your insulin levels.


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Swimming help stretch and relax your muscles without putting too much pressure on them. Swimming is easier for your feet and help prevent foot injuries, which can be dangerous for diabetics. This is because they are slow to heal and more susceptible to infection.


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