rgy is the fuel for everyday living. Energy is essential to health, development and livelihoods – whether for daily activities or fitness performance. If you constantly feel tired or struggle with your energy levels through the day, a few ancient herbs may be a good option to lift and balance your mood.


Do you know that astragalus root is one of the most powerful immune-building herbs on the planet? Astragalus is a plant within the Leguminosae (beans or legumes) family, which is famous for its immune system booster and disease fighter properties. It can help in increasing the metabolism and is an excellent remedy for fatigue. You can use astragalus under different forms ranging from tincture, tea or capsules. This amazing herb is extremely safe but you should not take it if you have an infection or high fever because it may strengthen the virus instead of you. You should also avoid it if you take blood-thinning medications or beta-blockers. To double health benefits, mix astragalus with other herbs like ginseng, and has been shown to reduce fatigue in athletes.


Ashwagandha is one of the most well-known herbs in Ayurvedic healing, which has been used since ancient times for a wide variety of conditions. Like the same family as the tomato, ashwagandha is a plump shrub with oval leaves and yellow flowers. It bears a red fruit about the size of a raisin. This valuable herb contains many useful medicinal chemicals, including steroidal lactones, alkaloids, choline, fatty acids, and amino acids. Science proves that ashwagandha can work great to improve thinking ability, decrease pain and inflammation. It is also used for fertility problems in men and women to increase sexual desire. The typical recommended dose is 600 to 1,000 mg. twice daily. For people who suffer from insomnia and anxiety, having a cup of hot milk mixed with a teaspoon of powdered Ashwagandha before bedtime is beneficial.


Would you like to have more energy, better digestion and skin that’s resilient to the signs of age? Then you’ll want to learn about Schisandra, a type of medicinal berry of Northern China with multiple healing properties. Schisandra supports the immune system, relieves anxiety, increases energy, and it can improve mental clarity. What’s more? This herb is also used for treating liver disease and protecting the liver from poisons. The Chinese have developed a liver-protecting drug called DBD that is made from Schisandra. Maintain using Schisandra daily can help keep your mood and energy on top. Mixing the dried fruit extract in water to create a tincture. You might find Schisandra in extract/tincture form that’s already prepared, which can be taken in doses of 20–30 drops daily. You can split this dosage into two parts if you’d like and take it with a meal.


Cordyceps are a type of fungus, which is traditionally grown in China on the bodies of caterpillars. While closely related to mushrooms, Cordyceps has been known as a powerful form of Ascomycetes fungus. Cordyceps is excellent for its ability to boost energy levels, increase the amount of oxygen, and enhance cellular energy production. Cordyceps delivers its performance-boosting results by increasing mitochondrial production of ATP. ATP or adenosine triphosphate is a form of “cellular currency” or energy that is produced inside our mitochondria. By enhancing both the cellular factory and increasing the availability of its fuel source, we can optimize our physical and mental capabilities. For the best result, take cordyceps once or twice per day following the dosage advice on the product. Generally, the dose is five to ten grams per day. For health maintenance, take it once or twice a week. Use a lower dose with concentrated extracts.


Holy basil isn’t your average supermarket basil. This sacred Hindu herb is slightly more peppery in flavour than Italian basil. Holy basil is a plant, which is original from India and used in Ayurvedic medicine as an “adaptogen” to counter life’s stresses. Many scientific research shows that holy basil has pharmacological properties to help your mind cope with stress as it acts like an adaptogen. An adaptogen is a natural substance that helps your body adapt to stress and promotes mental balance. You can also make holy basil tea using the leaves, flowers, or dried leaf powder. You can make freshly brewed tea by placing 2–3 teaspoons of holy basil in a cup of boiling water and letting it steep for 5–6 minutes.


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