nap the glorious butt selfies like those of Emily Ratajkowski or Irina Shayk and then drive the world wild? There’s always a way: Learn only 5 moves to a sexy booty on Instagram – You’ll be told how to build a round, tight and enviable butt! Feel free to do it at home, so why wait? Jump in!

Perform 1 set of 10 reps per exercise with little or no rest between the moves. They’re the most effective ways to tone the rear and increase your own confidence when wearing skinny jeans, little mini dress or a bikini. Start doing it about twice a week and once being expert at it, increasing to 3 – 4 times a week.


As one of the best secrets to a sexy booty on Instagram, it should be only availed after any deadlift pattern gets mastered. Remember to stay tight and maintain the kettle as close as your crotch when It goes down.

Kettlebell swing for a sexy booty on instagram

STEP 1 – Stand with feet as wide as your shoulder’s width and hold kettlebell about one foot in front of you. Flex the body at the waist and grab its handle with both hands. Let the palms face body but keep the upper body nearly parallel to the floor.

STEP 2 – Pull shoulders down and back up, clenching your core before beginning the workout. Raise the weight off and enable it to swing between the legs. Have knees slightly flexed during this move

STEP 3 – Maintain a flat back and straight neck before forcefully driving hips forward to drive the weight into the air. Control it with both arms and ensure the weight not to travel higher than shoulders

STEP 4 – Allow it to swing down and back through legs, keep core engaged and once it lowers, move at once into the next rep


It’s one of my most favorite workouts for women just because it remarkably strengthens and firms up their glutes and hamstrings. For highest fat-burning results, select a weight that can challenge your muscles.

Dumbbell deadlift for a sexy booty on Instagram
Source: mybeautygym

STEP 1 – Hold a set of dumbbells with your overhand grip and settle them at arm’s length in front of thighs. Keep head in line with the rest of body and stay away from arching too much at the neck

STEP 2 – Not changing the bend in both knees, try to flex at hips and lower the upper body till it’s nearly parallel to the floor. Keep the dumbbells close to your body

STEP 3 – Pause before getting back to the start and then your back needs to stay arched in a natural way throughout the whole movement

STEP 4 – Perform 10 reps with your personal weight (15 – 40lbs based on your fitness level)


People know it as a premier way to your gluteal workout and also the most important exercise you usually miss daily. It’s designed to boost your strength, speed, and power at the same time.

Hip thruster with dumbbell
Source: womensok

STEP 1 –  For more challenge, you can grab a dumbbell or a 10 – 15 pound weighted plate and lie on the stability ball. In another variation, let’s do it on a Swiss Ball. Plant both feet firmly on the floor. Walk forward to make the ball roll toward your upper back

STEP 2 – Maintain hips as high as possible and body in a straight line between knees and shoulders. From here, flex knees to lower hips some inches from the ground

STEP 3 – Press into heels, tighten butt to press hips back up to the start. It counts one rep.

STEP 4 – Repeat for 8 – 10 reps


Barbell deadlift is one of the best ways to a sexy booty on Instagram for sure when primarily targeting your glutes, hamstrings and lower back. At first glance, it’s not like a super complicated movement at all, but it works effectively in your booty.

Barbell deadlift for sexy botty on instagram
Source: bodybuilding

STEP 1 –  Begin with a barbell on the ground close to feet. In case you’ve never used a barbell before, feel free to choose the bare bar, instead. Add a 5 – 15 pound weighted plate on each side

STEP 2 – Bend at waist and grab it with your overhand grip on the bar. Do it at your shoulders’width. Work your core to guard back when you’re lifting the weight off the ground

STEP 3 – From this position, tighten the butt and raise chest up to the standing position, taking the barbell up to waist when you almost come up

STEP 4 – Get back to the starting position with greater control for one rep. Keep doing without touching the bar to the floor


It’s a movement involving side stepping motion, toes planting and knee dropping towards the ground. The exercise can activate the glutes in a way that offers some great benefits over the squat.

Curtsy squat for a sexy booty on instagram

STEP 1 –  Hold a 10-pound dumbbell at chest, step left leg apart to the left entering into a lateral lunge position. Flex the left knee and lift chest and dumbbell in left knee

STEP 2 – Push cross the left eg behind the right leg entering into a curtsy squat and bend both knees. It counts one rep.

STEP 3 – Step out to the left back up to your side lunge, keep alternating between these 2 movements for 10 reps

STEP 4 – Hold the pulse up and down about 10 times if you want to work the glutes more. Switch side and repeat



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