ims that such amazing nutrients can successfully knock some inches off your waistline, so what do you think? Well, it’s true – there are certainly some great flat-belly foods like that, which promises to shed your abdominal fat and help you to lose weight.

And it does not matter if it’s excess weight or gas that causes you such a belly trouble, what you opt for among these five new flat-belly foods will give you the lean abs you’ve always craved for!



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Not just packing protein and fiber, but chia seeds also own a fatty acid known as ALA – it helps to diminish fat away from the essential organs lying in the abdominal area, according to Lindsay Brown, professor of the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.

Now come to add a teaspoon of chia seeds to your smoothie and top it with your favorite Greek yogurt as well as create a pudding by putting one tablespoon in one ½ cup of almond milk. These seeds will be in charge of absorbing the liquid and spread out. Don’t forget to add a small pinch of cinnamon and honey to make the drink more attractive.



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Having a certain volume of flavonoids and other fat zappers, which explains why some researchers found out that those out of participated teenagers who consumed more chocolate owned smaller waists.

Inside dark chocolate, approximately 70% of cacao dark chocolate contains a high content of catechins – a flavonoid that affects insulin sensitivity and creation of cortisol. This is a stress hormone that will cause your body to store fat in the abs. Our advice here is just eating a one-ounce serving of 70% of cacao per day.



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Let’s move to another great tummy-fat blaster that has to sit on anyone’s spice rack – cinnamon. It’s one of the essential components to developing and keeping your lean midsection since cinnamon is quite good at keeping stable blood sugar levels, especially when you consume it with fiber, protein or fat.

Following one Scandinavian research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, six teaspoons of cinnamon can lower our blood insulin levels – a type of hormone in charge of blood glucose levels. To add it to your daily diet, sprinkle a pinch of ground cinnamon on your bowl of cereal or smoothies.


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In per 10 grams of fiber you consume every day, you have less chance of gaining belly fat by nearly 4%, as claimed by one study in Obesity study. And according to researchers, beans (black beans, lentils, and lima beans) are the greatest fiber-packed foods you can’t look away.

They’re the good source of protein including fiber, which promises to guarantee your blood sugar not to spike up yet offer you enough energy to build up muscles you desire.

One cup of black beans owns 12 grams of protein plus 9 grams of fiber, and not just that, the beans are also rich in folate, which will stoke your muscle growth and copper, which will power up your tendons.




Those who consumed three or more servings per day of whole grains owned 10% less abs fat than the ones who consumed fewer than a ½ serving per day, following one study conducted at Tufts University.

The whole grains can influence your appetite-adjusting hormones that drive your satiety, or it’s because of the fiber which can stimulate hormones that can discourage your abs fat storage.

So to peel off your belly fat, avoid refined grains such as white rice or white bread, but consume more whole grains, like quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal and more.



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