, but just face it, you wouldn’t want to call it fun at all. Take your workout routine outside and make it not like working out. Let’s try some warm-weather moves and allow you to torch calories while you still have a great time.

We’d like to rank the top 6 fat-burning outdoor activities of all time – based on the amounts of calories burnt, availability, exercise efficiency and risk factor to know which one will burn the most. Go ahead, choose your favorite out of these outdoor activities and take your personal fitness to the whole new level while you’re communing with nature.



Best fat-burning outdoor activities of all time mountain biking

Source: New Zealand

Mountain riders usually bike out around their local trails, which can be challenging but still great for pushing themselves toward a better workout. This high-impact exercise asks you to have a sharp focus and a great deal of practice if you want to gain better results. Once mastering it, it’s possible for you to use mountain biking as one of your most amazing cardiovascular exercises for fat torching and muscle building.

For the most effective fat-burning process on your mountain bike workout, ensure your body to be in a mild caloric deficit. In case you’re torching more calories than you take in from the ride, your body can start converting stored fat into energy to create the difference. The body will burn calories when you’re resting and when working out. And don’t forget to supplement your fat-burning outdoor activity with water and an energy bar to keep muscles moving.

Calories torched: 694 per hour
Where it works: 
torso, core, and midsection



Rock climbing

Guess what? The whole world will melt away once you reach high up on a rocky mountain, with nothing but the 10mm of rope and your strong grip on it. This workout can burn calories and contribute to your fat loss. Like mountain biking, rock climbing is able to keep your body as fit as possible or shed you a few pounds as you want.

A 185-pound person can burn approximately 488 calories in half an hour of ascending the rock as compared to 355 calories burnt in 30 minutes when you’re rappelling down it. Besides, to burn fat effectively, you need to put that body in a calorie deficit state, which is the result of consuming fewer calories than you torch. If consuming too many calories before your rock climbing activity, you won’t be able to lose any fat.

Calories torched: 837 per hour
Where it works: 
biceps, lats, forearms



Road cycling, best fat burning outdoor activities

Source: nelsonkootenaylake

America owns 2.68 million miles of paved roads, which is enough for us to explore everything around on a bike. Let that adventure begin just right outside your door since this is a simple, fun and effective way to have a great workout. Moreover, moving from the workout in a class to the great outdoors has its benefits. The time seems to pass much faster and then your efforts are made easier thanks to the beautiful distraction of the landscapes and nature.

Another practical advantage of biking on the road is how possible it is to use it for more than just discovering new places, trails, parks, or neighborhoods. The workout will target your glutes, hamstrings, shins, quadriceps, and calves, which is seen much harder than your classic indoor cycling.

Calories torched: 816 per hour
Where it works: 
glutes, hamstring, shins, quadriceps



Trail running, best fat burning outdoor activities

Source: South China Morning Post

Are you ready to lose yourself on the trails and explore the wilderness on your own feet? What a raw and natural experience that could inspire anyone! It would take your classic cardio routine to the next level by building up a more total-body fitness than your treadmill. Besides, it gives us such an exciting feeling when we’re able to explore the wilderness on the two feet, which is so raw and natural thing to do outdoors.

This activity is meant to take your cardio routine to the next level by building a more total-body fitness than a treadmill can ever do. Besides, once being outside, the runners can have unevenly trails, terraces, and footing – most of them are the vital factors working our stabilizing muscles in the way that you’ve rarely experienced on a treadmill or road running.

Calories torched: 735 per hour
Where it works: 
back muscles, core, hips, shins, knees



Swimming in open water

Source: guides.wiggle

We’ve heard about an effective fat-burning outdoor activity that you should not miss for your fitness routine, and it happens in the open-water. It’s swimming that you have to do endlessly back and forth, which can be a bit monotonous. However, you will take it outside this time, like crossing a lake or a river – it’s these factors would naturally add more challenges to your workout.

This movement will help to target your shoulders and upper back, especially when the water constantly hits both lats and triceps so hard. In addition, the open-water swimming could work your quads, glutes, and hamstrings, which play a huge role in your kick. And if you’ve got any intention to practice your own breath, then this aerobic move will be one of the best fat-burning outdoor activities of all time to leave your muscles screaming!

Calories torched: 694 per hour
Where it works: 
lats, triceps, shoulders, upper back, quads, hamstrings



Obstacle course-racing

                                  Source: pledgesports     

OCR is also known as the obstacle-course racing, which will make you all forget that you’re running but only kicking the butt. The entire attractiveness of obstacle course racing, to most people, is how they hardly feel that they’re running. This is because they tend to be more focused on dealing with intense military-inspired obstacles that constantly challenge your mind and body.

Just sign up for a race, which is such a great motivation for us to go to the gym for training. Besides, this will ask you to train not just the legs but also your whole body to prepare for tackling all of these obstacles. It’s a great mixture of strength training and cardio to help you get leaner and get shredded, so why not joining?

Calories torched: 552 per hour
Where it works:
grip strength, wrist flexors, glutes, lower back, hamstrings



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