Ok, if you desire the abs of steel and a sexy-looking waist, take our guide to slim your waistline in a flash, by following a-week session that mainly works your midsection. It happens when you know how to control your diet, which can help you to lose some of the unwanted fats in the belly.

Here are the 6 best waist-slimming workouts that help you to target it soon in 2017:


 Tone-It V-Hold


Muscle Groups: Upper & Lower Abs, Hip Flexors

Step 1: Lie down in your supine position on the back with both hands placed under the butt to get leverage

Step 2: Raise back and both legs off the mat. Tighten the abs here before breathing out when contracting it. Hold “V” position within 15 – 30 seconds

Step 3: Make sure to reach both arms straight towards your shins while still keeping a strong spine. Get back to the starting point



Pelvis Tuck, best waist-slimming workout
Source: waistcinchercenter

Muscle Groups: Abs, Glutes, Quads, Hips

Step 1: Lie facing down the mat with both legs spread out, elbows bent on the mat. Keep both feet shoulder-width apart

Step 2: Tighten abs and then tuck your toes to raise the whole body with elbows directly below shoulders

Step 3: Hold the position for 4 breaths. Flex knees but do not touch the mat. Tilt your pelvis up and hold there for 4 breaths

Step 4: Maintain abs as tight as possible with straightened legs. Hold it for 4 breaths and then repeat 3 times



Side crunch, best waist-slimming workout
Source: womenshealthmag

Muscle Groups: Left and Right Obliques

Step 1: Lie on the back with a straight upper body and bent knees. Bring your knees to one either of the sides so they can comfortably rest on the exercise mat

Step 2: Clasp both hands together right behind the head. Raise the shoulders off the floor in a crunch motion. Maintain them even as if you’re performing a normal crunch.

Step 3: Take knees back up to your center and then lower it down to the other side. Lift shoulders and crunch again. Repeat the procedure and alternate the sides



Low-belly leg reach

Muscle Groups: Left and Right Obliques

Step 1: Lie facing up with both knees flexed at 90-degree angle. Put hands behind your head with a tightened abs

Step 2: Maintain knees stacked over your hips, raise shoulders and then crunch up. Breathe in and hold here for 3 – 5 seconds

Step 3: Breathe out and straighten legs to 45 degrees. Hold this for 3 – 5 seconds while still clenching the lower tummy. Finish 2 sets of 10 – 15 reps



Navel-to-spine workout

Muscle Groups: Abs and Thighs

Step 1: Lie facing up with knees flexed and feet planted firmly on the mat. Raise your shoulders up, touch the underside of thighs with hands while contracting abs

Step 2: Tilt pelvis up and let go of both thighs before leaning the body forward and pulsing 20 times

Step 3: Get back to the starting position, reach hands to the outer of your right thigh. Move with the upper body that turns to right, then pulse 20 times

Step 4: Repeat on your left side for one set. Complete 2 sets



Curtsey Curl
Source: gymbodygains

Muscle Groups: Abs and Thighs

Step 1: Hold a set of dumbbells in both hands and shift your weight onto the right leg. Cross the left one behind the right and then go lower into a curtsy lunge

Step 2: Flex the knees but still keep your whole weight in the right leg. Hinge a bit forward from the hips

Step 3: Rise up out of the lunge position. Stretch out the left leg out to side as your right leg go straightened. Rotate the upper body to the left when the elbows bend to curl the dumbbells

Step 4: Go back to the starting position and then repeat. Finish all reps on the right, and then on the left to finish one set




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