fitness training, most people mainly focus on heavy weight exercises, agility, and speed practice, or cardio workouts to help them strengthen, tone and build giant muscle mass. However, do you know that balance plays an essential role for all functional movements? The lack of balance can decrease the quality of your fitness performance, thus lead to injuries and imbalance for both physical and mental health.

Simple exercises with balance pad can be done at home. The destabilizing properties of the closed cell EVA Foam make the pad excellent tool to improve motor skills and balance, coordination, strength, core muscles, motor-skill training, overall stability and help prevent injuries.

Invest a high-quality balance pad and let get started!


  • Always use the Balance Pad with caution.
  • Only use the Balance Pad on a dry non-slip surface. Using on Yoga Mat is highly recommended for users.
  • Take from 10 to 15 minutes to warm up and cool down.
  • Rest 30-60 seconds after each of the exercises with balance pad
  • Please always consult with your doctor or physician before beginning this or any other exercise program.



Simple exercises with balance pad - Single leg raise

MUSCLE WORKED: Glutes, Hamstrings and Core

START: Stand on one foot. Try to keep balance and do not allow your body move.

FINISH: Slowly raise the other leg and try to remain stability on the pad. Keep the aligned posture. Continue to lower this leg and maintain balance. Focus on your core stability and posture. Do not let your foot touch ground. Repeat 15 times and switch legs.







Simple exercises with balance pad: T Balance

MUSCLE WORKED: Glutes, Hamstrings and Core

START: Stand with both feet on the pad and stretch out to the side.

FINISH: Gently raise one leg behind you to lean forward. Try to keep balanced and ensure that your legs, back and arms are straight. Keep your raised leg in a straight line with your back until you form a “T” shape. Hold the position for 10 seconds and then switch the legs. Repeat 3 times for each leg.




Simple exercises with balance pad: Single leg squat

MUSCLE WORKED: Hips, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Gluteus Maximus, Calves and Core

START: Stand on the pad with one leg.

FINISH: Gently extend your free leg in front of your torso. Continue to bend the knee you are standing on and lower, then raise your body back to straight position. Repeat for 15 times and switch legs.






Standing balance exercise

MUSCLE WORKED: Quadriceps, Thigh, Core, Spine, Arm

START: Stand straight on the pad with both legs, your hands are on hips.

FINISH: Slowly lift one leg (while the other is kept straight) and put the sole of the foot on the inner knee joint. Close your eyes for more challenge. Hold this position for 10 seconds and switch legs. Repeat 3 times for each leg.







Opposite arm or leg


MUSCLE WORKED: Back, Buttocks, Hips and Shoulders

START: Rest on all fours, right knee on the pad, and left hand on the floor.

FINISH: Stretch left leg to the back and right arm to the front. Lift lower arm and leg at the same time. Repeat 10-15 times for each side.






Simple exercises with balance pad: Push-up

MUSCLE WORKED: Pectoralis major, Deltoids, Triceps brachii, Serratus anterior, Abdominal muscles, Coracobrachialis

START: Rest on all fours, both hands are on the balance pad with elbows slightly bent. Pull your shoulders away from ears.

FINISH: Stretch your legs to the back while middle of the body remains stable. Slowly bend your arm as low as possible and then straighten arms. Repeat 10-15 times before taking a rest.






When it comes to choose the best balance pad for your workout, keep in mind 3 important specifications before purchasing a balance pad.

  1. SIZE

Yes4All balance pad

There are usually 3 different sizes of balance pad on the market for you to choose the best one for your workout.

Small size usually measures 15.5 x 13.5 x 2 inch (LxWxH) – Lightweight and portable, easily to stash into your gym bag for a free practice at anywhere and anytime.

Large size usually measures 19 x 15 x 2.25 inch (LxWxH) – Ideal to use at home or Gym, great to support for your training program with its bigger surface.

XL size usually measures 38 x 15.75 x 2.25 inch (LxWxH) – Double size of large balance pads, offering more surface area to increase your exercise options, especially for seniors to support their knees.



Yes4All balance pad foam technology

Safety is the first important factor in all exercises with balance pad. If you don’t want to slip away during your practice, choose the balance pad with textured nonskid surface to improve grip, and make it safer to use even when you’re sweaty.

Material is the second essential consideration. Try to avoid poor quality balance pads, which ruins your postures while practicing, as well as easily tear and break after a long time usage. It’s better to choose a high-density closed cell EVA Foam balance pad with tear-resistant feature to add into your existing balance routine. Well-made closed-cell design provides user better feeling, like you are standing on a gel-filled pad.








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