ind it difficult to make time for yoga classes, doing yoga at home is a great choice. But when you do it alone, there are some points to remember to keep it safe and easy to do.

Keep in mind these 5 things when doing yoga at home:


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Before starting your own practice, you should learn the proper ways to do basic poses from an expert instructor. Instruction videos can’t remind you all the important keys and check your posture. An instructor will make hands-on corrections if you are doing something wrong.


The best thing when doing yoga at home is that you are totally free at choosing exercise time. Pick a place where you can find peace and focus on your practice. Make your own schedule so you won’t be disturbed and can stay consistent with your routine. Your mind is quiet and receptive in the morning and your body isn’t so stiff in the evening.


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Yoga is not a type of costly workout. All you need is an exercise mat, comfortable clothing, and a yogi spirit. Invest for a good mat that is sticky enough to grip you strongly in every pose. Once you are ready for more difficult poses, you can buy blocks and straps.


Even when yoga includes slow and smooth movement, starting with a warm-up is still needed to get movement and flow going. This will prepare your body for tougher postures that require more strength and flexibility to perform. A warm-up routine should take from 5 to 10 minutes. But it’s more important to observe how your body feels than to watch a clock.


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When you first start a practice on your own, don’t try to challenge yourself too much. Keep it simple so that you can stay consistent and want to continue. Start with a few poses you know and feel confident doing. Take rests between difficult poses whenever you need with child pose or corpse pose.


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Not only in yoga, breath control is essential in every workout you do. Proper breathing helps you energize, relax, go deeper, as well as hold a pose for longer. Instead of grasping or holding your breath, try to do it in a slow and calm motion. Inhale through your nose, fill your stomach and lung with air, then exhale in the reverse order. Keep your inhale and exhale even and equal in time.