kout doesn’t need to come with fancy fitness equipment or luxury gym cards. All you need is just a chair – and then you are ready for sculpting and toning your abs.


Incline Hip Twist require arms, shoulders, and back muscle groups to hold your body in place. The movement primarily involves the legs, hips, and core as you rotate. Plus, all the muscle groups have to be perfectly coordinated to maintain your balance. Having the spine stacked properly over the hips creates fewer forces on the back, and encourages good posture and proper movement.

Step-to-step instruction

START: Place hands shoulder-width apart on the seat of your chair and walk your feet back to a plank position, bracing your abs in tight.

FINISH: Use your core to lift your hips up slightly, and then rotate your left hip down to tap the edge of the seat lightly, pivoting on your toes. Lift hips and return to center. Keep your abs braced in tight as you lower your hip to the chair’s edge to avoid sagging into your lower back. Repeat, alternating sides each time, for a total of 2 minutes.


If Lying Leg Raise is too hard for you at first, Crescent Knee Sweep on a chair will be the best alternative. This move will isolate the rectus abdominis – the muscle responsible for adding tone to your core. Completing Crescent Knee Sweep as part of your exercise routine can maximize your health and aesthetic benefits.

Step-to-step instruction


START: Sit on the edge of your chair, hands outside of hips on the edge of the seat. Press your knees together, bring your legs to the right corner of the chair, and lift your heels.

FINISH: Brace your abs tightly, lift your legs (keeping knees bent and together) and trace a half circle so that your legs land at the left corner of the chair. Try not to let your back round as you lift your legs. you should focus on pulling your belly button into your spine as you circle your legs back and forth. Repeat, alternating sides each time, for 2 minutes.


Standing Side Crunch variation is great for some people who find regular lying ab exercises burdensome or impossible to perform. This Crunch variation is a more functional alternative to a regular side crunch done on the floor. This exercise will help you to burn more calories, build up the core strength and improve your balance at the same time.

Step-to-step instruction


START: Stand behind the chair with your left hand on the back, right hand behind your head. Shift your weight into your left leg and tap your right leg out to the side. Keep your heel lifted and lean your torso towards the chair.

FINISH: Bend and lift your right knee up (knee faces forward as you lift) and do a side crunch by pressing your right shoulder down towards your right hip. Hold for 1 count and then return to start. Keep your hand light on the back of the chair for balance only (don’t lean on it). Then keep your elbow open to the side on the crunch to avoid pulling on your neck. Repeat, alternating sides each time, for 2 minutes.


The swimmer is a strength exercise for the shoulder external rotators and stabilization core. Strengthening these muscles helps to pull the shoulders back to support good posture while decreasing shoulder and neck pain.

Step-to-step instruction


START: Stand behind the chair with both hands on the back. Step your feet back and together, bend knees slightly, and lean forward from your hips until your chest is parallel to the floor.

FINISH: Next, slowly raise your left arm outside of your ear as you rotate your torso to the left. The key to success with this move is rotating both shoulders (not just lifting your arm and turning your head) as you raise your arm. It should resemble a swimming motion—to activate both your back and abdominal muscles. Hold for 1 count and then return to start. Repeat, alternating sides each time, for a total of 2 minutes.


Side Plank Crunch strengthens the arms, legs, ankles, and core while improving balance. Chair Side Plank Crunches are a great way to target the rectus abdominis and the obliques in one easy exercise. Six-pack, here you come!

Step-to-step instruction

START: Bend your left elbow and place it in the center of the chair seat, directly below your shoulder, hand in a fist. Walk your legs out. Stack your shoulders, hips, and feet, until you are in a side plank position with your right hand behind your head.

FINISH: And then rotate your right shoulder down to the chair seat and try to tap your right elbow to your left fist (your hips should remain stationary as you twist). Slowly open back up to your plank. Be sure to maintain a straight line from your heels to your head in your side plank position. If your chair has a very hard seat, you may want to place a towel or pillow under your forearm for more comfort. Repeat on both sides for 2 minutes.


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