at courage to transform your own body and the way you look, by entering into a new fitness program. Training plan needs to be on your to-do list, and then you’ll see yourself get better in shape, feel good about your commitment, and smile at the new “you”. However, it’s a bit daunting when you’ve spent months and even years to get your body ready for the changes on the way. We’re here to guide you to ease into the entire fitness routine. Ready? Start your 7-day makeover for beginners now!

Get In Shape Challenge for Beginners


Exercise – Begin the 7-day challenge program with the basic movements to get your muscles used to the workload slowly. It’ll help to set the tone for the upcoming 6 days. Here is the complete beginner’s workout routine:

Source: 100 Day War
  • Donkey kicks
  • Wall Push Up
  • Single leg Extensions
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Push Up
  • Bicep Curl

Eating right – It’s time to change the way you eat, making a big difference in supporting each of your exercises. Fresh and frozen fruits are the healthiest choices to make for reduction of exposure to other chemical fertilizers. Have a banana smoothie for breakfast, lunch and your post-workout. For lunch, include a bowl of salad with apples and walnuts. Try to avoid flavored foods with refined sugar, mix only nuts or berries for better taste.

Apple Walnut Salad for your 7 day-makeover challenge
Source: littlebroken


Exercise – Take a rest on this day after your first day working out. Though day one of your exercise program does not make you exhausted but it still takes a lot out of you. Thus, you need to recover to strive to exercise harder for the next time.

Eating clean – Take comfort in the best slow cooker meals, which are usually made with ingredients that are helpful for your body. Enjoy yourself with banana bread baked quinoa for loads of flavor and amazing nutritional benefits of the grain. Other great recipes here are lemon chicken, ham and white beans, pumpkin custard oatmeal, etc.

Honey lemon chicken for your 7-day makeover challenge for beginners
Source: Recipe Tint Eats


Exercise – Work out your gluteal muscles on day 3 to tone and shape them up. Remember that the more muscles you build, the more fat you torch. Butt shaping movements are designed to define your backside in an attractive way that you’ve never thought. For this routine, cardio is surely the best part to maximize your fat torching.

Do 15 reps of each movement one after another. Finish 2 rounds for the optimal results. What you need first is a yoga mat, a dumbbell or kettlebell. Let’s see what we have in our routine this time:

Source: StyleCraze
  • Squat
  • Side lying leg lift (15 reps per side)
  • Donkey kicks (15 reps per side)
  • Goblet squat


Exercise – Rest

Eating right – Snack time! Eating this way ensures us to feel satiated and avoid overeating. Eat clean since it can control your hunger and give your body the healthier options. Have non-baked workout bar, a hard-boiled egg or baked apple chips for anytime snack. Popcorn is fine or if you want something fresher, choose skinny berry parfait or a bowl of salad with lemon and oil dressing.

Non-baked workout bar for 7 day makeover challenge for beginners
Source: thekitcheneer


Exercise – Today will be your home workout, which means you’re able to stay fit in the comfort of your private space. Now take advantage of the convenience of the living room or your bedroom for a slim and sexy abs.

Day 5 will help you to begin on the path to a flat but toned belly. Start and stick to the cardiovascular workout first, which does not just help your body to burn a high amount of calories but also fat. After that, plank it out for the midsection. These plank moves are not just fun but also beneficial to your abs-toning goal. Here are our suggested movements:

  • Squats with arms overhead
  • Plank with shoulder touches
  • Skier jump
  • Squat jump
  • Cardio kickboxing
Cardio kickboxing for 7 day makeover challenge for beginners
Source: fitbodybuzz

Eating right – Say “No” to Soda and other refined sugar drinks that are horrible for your waistline. Forget the “Supersized” portion of foods, but eat the amount you need to keep the body going. In order to fight fat, drink green tea – an amazing superfood to torch fat and fight aging process.


Exercise – Take a rest for muscle rehabilitation.


Exercise – After emphasizing the body workouts, you can turn back to a total-body routine. Set the goal for 10 – 15 reps for each workout and finish 2 circuits, but you do whatever you can as long as you’ve achieved the best health and fitness benefits. Prepare yourself a set of lightweight dumbbells and a yoga mat in case you’re lying on a hard surface. Here’s a full workout:

  • Sitting chair squats
  • Plank Ups
  • Floor Punches
  • Bridges
  • Rows

Bridge for your 7-day makeover challenge for beginners


The beginning of making a fitness habit is not easy, so we’re asking you to commit to exercise from 5 to 6 days every week. Better results can be seen clearly after you successfully pass through this 7-day makeover challenge for beginners. Be sure to follow the right recipes and exercises for the healthiest fitness options.


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