otect your body from injuries

Having a big butt definitely makes you look sexier and more desirable to the opposite sex, but don’t you want more? A big butt can bring more mind-blowing benefits that you will be super excited to know. Believe it or not, a big butt lessens your hips, legs, knees and hamstring injuries. Why? All the muscles in your big strong butt will support your lower back and aid your legs when you walk or run, which lessen the pressure and avoid strains in your back, hips, knees and other places.

And you seriously can prevent stress fractures in your sitting bones while you falling flat on the ground. Your big butt will act like a cushion so there is not much damage to your tail bone!

It can improve your posture!

More than that, big butts improve you right posture or vice versa. Sound ridiculous, huh? But, yes it does.  A strong butt aids lengthening your hip flexors and you can easily keep everything in alignment, means balanced upright posture. Other than that, you can start making your butt look bigger by improving your posture. Pull your shoulder backward, keep your head in line with your shoulder and use your stomach muscles to keep your body straight. Do not slump your shoulder or slouch forward or sway back, this makes you look fearful and self-conscious. Pay attention to your posture whenever you want & turn it into a good habit of looking confident of having a bigger butt.

Butt fat is good for your health

Studies indicate that women with big butt have higher leptin levels inside your body which help control the weight and increase dinopectina, a hormone aids anti-inflammation & anti diabetes. The adipose of tissue of their big butt keeps vascular diseases at bay also.

We are not “dumbass”!

A blond hair is not “dumb” at all, such as Reese Witherspoon in “Legally Blonde”, and a girl with a big butt is not a “dumbass”. Scientific research proves that women with big butts have better intuition than those with smaller butts. There is a theory shows that your butt size can have somewhat relation to emotion intelligence as their looks seem to appeal more men, they need to develop more of their social skills than others.

The interesting thing is while your belly fat can lead to serious problems, big butt contains high level of Omega 3 fats that catalyze your brain development. Therefore, women with bigger butts are not only stronger physically but mentally also.

With all the benefits of having a big butt we mentioned above, do you want to work hard to follow the big booty diet and exercise regime? A little bit trying hard every day and your bigger bum effort will be paid off finally.



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