one of the most common injuries that everyone can have, which can result in a more serious joint pain and weakness. People can step on an uneven surface and then sprained their ankles unexpectedly – some 25,000 people would do it daily. The pain inner side of your ankle reveals how the tendons or the ligaments have been injured seriously. However, it may fade away fast but if the sprain is not properly treated, you could have long-term issues later.

Prepare for an ankle rehab through the exercises, which can heal the sprain completely and make sure the reinjury won’t ever occur. Start your ankle rehab exercises by walking at first!

Best activities for a full ankle rehab

Begin the full rehab with the active range-of-motion exercises within the initial 72 hours right after the injury. These workouts are designed exclusively for the overall joint function improvement. Keep going further with some stretching movements, strength training, and balance exercises in the same order time every time.

Stretching exercises for ankle rehab

Pull Up Assistance Band For Ankle

Continue the healing by walking or holding on to some weights. However, let’s start with a sitting position with both foot flat on the ground. You can push it against an object like the wall or any immovable piece of furniture. Hold for 6 seconds, relax andn repeat it. After feeling better with this, try using the Yes4All Pull Up Assistance Band around the outside of your feet. Push it to the side against the band for 10 seconds before bringing the foot back to the normal.


If there’s too much pain, do not mind using crutches to ease the stress and make yourself feel better. Let’s perform 2 types of stretches: Towel stretch and Calf stretch.

  • Towel stretch: Do this with a rolled towel when sitting your both legs straight right in front of you. Within 10 seconds, you can soon ease your chronic issues. Put it under the ball of the foot with your hands holding it at both ends. Try to pull it towards your side while still having your knees stretched straight. Hold this pose from 15 to 30 seconds. The reps should be 2 to 4 times. Do it with caution by pulling the toes far enough to feel a suitable stretch.
  • Calf stretch: Face an immovable object like a wall with both hands on it. Stretch one leg about one step behind the other leg. Bend the front knee so that you can feel a back-leg stretch. Hold this position from 15 to 30 seconds and then switch leg. Repeat it 2 to 4 times. This classic calf stretch can be done just about anywhere you like for the super effective ankle rehab.

Balance and control exercises to keep ankle strong

Balance board for ankle rehab

Begin the action plan with some wobble balance board exercises. This would enhance your true sense and awareness of the right positions of your body parts. Consult your doctor about the best timing to perform it for the maximum results. However, for those who has never tried it before, don’t try these workouts to dodge unwanted injury. Invest in a Balance Board of Yes4All first for a better performance!

Stand on the injured foot while holding both arms to your sides. In case it makes you feel unsteady, go to stand nearby a doorway to place your hands on the frame for extra support. Try to test your balance as long as possible, maybe around 60 seconds. Once succeeding at it in this period of time, try the next step. In this step, hold the arms across the chest with your eyes closed. Balance yourself as long as you can.

Exercising on a wobble board is a good idea to strengthen your ankle ligaments. Let’s stand in a good posture by looking straight and raising your arch of the feet without curling the toes. You can move it forward till it nearly touches the ground. Later, move it backward till it touches the ground. Repeat this motion within 15 seconds and then take a break for 10 seconds.


Range-of-motion exercises

Ankle rotation for ankle rehab

Do it after your injury, and always put the ice on your ankles more than 5 times per day. This could be performed well when you’re sitting and watching television. Let’s begin with the preparation position – sit in a chair with feet firmly placed on the floor. Next, keep the toes on the floor and lift the heel up as high as possible. Go to lower it and then keep the heel on the floor and raise the toes again.

As for the ankle rotation, try to lift the foot a bit off the floor and roll the ankle in circles. After that, come to roll it in circles in the other directions. As for the toe bands, curl them down toward the bottom of foot. Let them go straight and curl up toward the ceiling. Straighten them again later. You can also do some spreads here, with toes spread apart and then bring them altogether.

Should I do these exercises frequently?

They must be performed regularly and especially before and after any physical movement to dodge any re-injury. Even after the ankle is almost improved, keep going with the balance and control exercises many times a week. It maintains your ankles the strongest.

Contact your healthcare providers

When it comes to ankle sprain, it’s best to think about the best way for a full ankle rehab. Put all focus on stability and mobility right from the start. It usually takes from 8 to 12 weeks to be fully recovered from your injury, so be patient. These exercises are helpful to you, but ensure to speak to your physician before conducting any other new program.

Contact your healthcare provider right away once you feel any pain when doing any of these ankle rehab exercises. Feel free to raise questions or concerns about your current condition.




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