also tons of mothers out there are so eager that they just want to get their post-baby body back to normal as soon as possible. But wait, before jumping into your abs and core exercises program to rebuild your core after pregnancy, here are a few things to consider:

It’s not true that all abs exercises will fit you – the post-baby mothers such as the traditional sit-ups and crunches. These movements seem to put much tension on your tummy, which is something not highly-recommended for new mommies. Learn our best moves that can effectively work most of our weakened abs muscles and strengthen the whole of your midsection.

5 exercises to rebuild your core after pregnancy


Rebuild your core after pregnancy: Yoga Boat Pose

Start: Sit comfortably on the beautiful Yoga mat printed versions with both knees bent. Clench the abs and slightly lean the upper back when raising the feet off the mat. Raise them until the shins become parallel to the mat.

Finish: Keep a straight back while flexing the hips to 90 degrees angle. Spread the arms in front of you to a relaxing position for balance. Hold this for 30 seconds.




Rebuild your core after pregnancy: Dolphin Plank


Start: This plank variation can work your abs, back, and arms. Let’s begin with your downward dog position, and then lower onto both of the forearms. Pull the feet out on the yoga mat.

Finish: In this position, the body needs to be in a straight line with the shoulders above the elbows. Hold this plank for 5 breaths


Stability ball to rebuild your core after pregnancy


Start: In another version, do it with your stability ball. Put the elbows right on the top of the ball with both extended legs out right behind you.

Finish: Clench your abs and hips at the same time while still remember to straighten the back. Hold it at least 30 seconds.




Double leg lowers to rebuild your core after pregnancy


Start: Lie on your back with bent knees and arms right at both sides. Tighten the tummy to do basic breath contraction when lifting the legs up one at a time. Do it so that the bent knees and shins are parallel to the floor. Have both legs squeezed altogether, move the legs up in like with the hips.

Finish: Lower the legs as far as you feel comfortable without arching your back. Let’s add more support and circulate the blood flow by using an Abs Mat. Return the legs to your hip line to finish a rep. Complete more than 20 repetitions for this exercise to rebuild your core after pregnancy.



Side plank after pregnancy

Start: Lie on either right or left side with one elbow under the shoulder. Raise the hips off the floor until the total body creates a straight line.

Finish: Just hold there for 30 seconds before switching sides and repeating. Complete from 10 to 20 leg raises to the current side plank to boost your hip strength and stability.



Pelvic tilt on yoga mat after pregnancy


Start: Pelvic tilts can do wonders for your lower back, so it’s not strange to see it as a worth-to-try exercise to rebuild your core after pregnancy. Lie down with your bent knees, and to feel more comfortable, feel free to put a pillow under the head. Inhale and exhale slowly.

Finish: Press the lower back down by using the abs muscles. Tilt your pelvis upwards and for 5 – 10 seconds before repeating again.

Stability ball pelvic tilt



Feel free to do it on a yoga mat or use the stability ball to add extra support for your workout. Make sure the hips are in line with your knees.




Abdominal curl with balance pad to rebuild your core after pregnancy

Start: Let’s test your abs endurance by following our step-by-step instruction now. Lie down on an exercise mat with both arms curled in the chest. To balance yourself better, place your butt on a Yes4Allbalance foam pad that can help to cushion your tailbone. Let’s contract the abs and curl up with both hands moved towards the heels.

Finish: Try to keep your head up during the move. Go back to the start and repeat.


Tips for your exercise with baby

Baby Safety: When doing this sweat move with your baby, make sure the baby hold his or her head up and be sure that he’s able to do that without feeling any discomfort. It’s best to work out with the babies at 3 – 4 months old.

Mommy Prep: Before getting into action, roll the shoulders back and down as your pre-workout warmup. Drive the navel toward the spine for better back protection. Breathe in evenly through the nose and expand the ribs. Start to breathe out to draw the abs muscles in.




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