t to become a runner, the only thing you have to keep in mind is, running! Follow one, two and three steps when going for a run, and just don’t let yourself spend too much time to think yet lace shoes up fast and go.

Well, being a runner is not that hard as long as you follow a few more steps below – they’re super simple to make you feel like a pro on every pavement.



So your target is to finish a marathon, or simply go for a run within one hour at one time. These could be great, but if you start from other smaller goals, they’re more achievable than ever. Doing so also helps to motivate you to be track and meet larger targets in the near future.

Besides, your smaller goals need to be more specific, having a short-term timeframe that is easy to follow. Every time you meet one new goal, you’re naturally inspired to handle the next, no matter if it’s another mile or only lasting seven minutes.



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The idea of running by yourself sounds boring to you, how about joining a running class where you can run and compete with others? It’s easy to find one among different treadmill classes popping up every corner of the street.

Though running is very easy and seemingly simple to do – just take one foot in front of the other, right? However, taking a running class will offer you so many helpful things out of your expectation: You’re taught by a knowledgeable instructor and other runners to gain some handy insights on what to do and how to do it in the safest way.



All you have to do now is to download a good running app because there are a ton out there on the Internet: Strave, MapMyRun, Endormono, RockMyRun, Runtastic, and so on. So whenever you find it challenging to keep track on your workouts, nutrition, safety and more, these apps can make those easier.

Also, they allow you to use them as a social network, which is assumed to be quite motivating! This happens when you love drawing inspiration from others, feel free to share your activities with the networks and learn how you could compete with your buddies on the leaderboards.



Everything feels much better with a running buddy, and your run won’t be an exception. Everyone who exercised with his or her friends or even spouse tend to enjoy working out more than those who exercise alone. This was found out by one research conducted at the University of Southern California.

After having someone, find out about your training pace since you might not like to partner with somebody who can slow you down every time. Next, establish a suitable time that works for you and your partner, making you two follow the schedule easier.



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Trust me, you don’t want to wear those poor-quality sneakers sold on Instagram at all, but need to discover what shoes can work the best for your feet.

Take time to find a reliable running-shoe shop that truly experts in fitness accessories and running footwear. In these stores, you’re not just allowed to check out more information about the gait, foot type and much more, but also receive good advice to make you feel the best when wearing the shoes.


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