t, the more you need to exercise. No matter what excuses you made, working out is the only way to keep you strong, healthy and have a happy life as a senior. Physical activity has been shown to be able to prevent many risks of health conditions as diabetes, overweight or osteoporosis. Or at least, they will let you do daily tasks without difficulty or any help if you want a free and independent life.


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People at high age are more likely to have heart diseases, and one of the best preventions is to start exercising in early stage of our life. Poor cardiovascular performance also makes you easier to feel short of breath and tired faster. Simple cardio exercises like walking, stair climbing, swimming, cycling are what you should do everyday to keep your heart healthy.


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As we age, our joints and tendons will become less flexible than they used to be. It’ll be more difficult for you to turn around or bend your knees to sit down. Not to mention the decrease our range of motion and the higher risk of injuries. Therefore, love it or hate it, it’s time you should start doing yoga and Pilates. If you don’t know where to start, try 5 beginner yoga poses for seniors. They are simple and quite useful to solve many common health problems among seniors.


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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falling is the leading cause of injury among adults over 65. Balance exercises help improve your sense of stability as well as fix your posture. This is important to reduce the risk of falling and maintain proper spinal alignment. To improve your balance is quite simple, you can try walking on your toes or working with balance tools like stability ball, stability disc or wobble board.


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Seniors don’t need huge muscle mass to impress anyone, physical strength is just essential for you to lift heavy objects or carry groceries. Most adults will start to suffer from muscle loss around the age of 40, which results in weakness and diminishing performance in daily tasks. Building up or at least maintaining some muscles just to support your bone, maintain healthy shape and do daily task easier. So, let’s incorporate some dumbbells in your workout and curl your arms up once or twice a week.


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