usiast will be satisfied with the benefits of stretching.

  1. Increase flexibility

No, you don’t have to be flexible as a yogi. But due to aging, your muscles tighten up and decrease your range of motion. Stretching your joints and muscles every day can improve your flexibility and perform daily tasks without difficulty.

  1. Reduce the risk of injuries

If your muscles are too tight, it’s more likely that you can push them too far from their ability. This can cause sudden tears in your muscles and result in injuries. When you stretch and lengthen your muscles, you allow them to move easier in different directions. The more flexible your muscles are, the less risk of injuries you get.

  1. Boost recovery

This is the reason why stretching can’t be lack in your post-work routine.  Stretching stimulates blood circulation and relaxes your stressed muscles. It loosens all the trigger points as well as provide more blood and nutrients to help muscles heal better.



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This exercise is quite effective in opening up your shoulders and upper back. People who sit much all day should practice it daily. If you don’t have a stretching strap, replace it with a rolled towel. Once your hands can reach each other easily, you can do this exercises without any strap supported.

START: Stand tall with your feet hip-width and hold one end of a stretching strap in your right hand. Move your hand behind your head and let the stretching strap dangle along your back. Your right upper arm should be close to your ear.

END: Grab the other end with your left hand right in the middle of your back. Slowly move both hands toward each other on the stretching strap until they are as close as you can. Then, hold the position for 10 seconds before switching hands.


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Stretching your hamstring will be a good treatment for those who stand or walk too much. Also, it helps lengthen the ligament and prevent back pain. Remember not to bend your back throughout the exercise, which makes it fail to engage your hamstrings.

START: Sit tall with your legs extended straight in front of you, your toes pointing towards the ceiling. Inhale and extend your arms straight above your head. Tighten your abs and raise your chest up.

END: Slowly exhale and lean your torso towards. Keep your abs tightened and your chest raised still. Try to lower your torso as low as you can but stop right when you feel any pain. Hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat 3 more times.


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This is a must-do exercise before and after running, hiking, climbing, or cycling. You can do this exercise while standing or sitting, but lying will make it safer and easier. Try not to swing your leg to the side while doing it.

START: Lie down on your right side with your legs extended straight. Place right elbow on the floor and prop your head with your right hand.

END: Bend your knee to bring the left heel towards your butt. Use your left hand to support and increase the contraction. Hold for 10 seconds before alternating side and repeat 3 times each side.



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