d sculpt your chest would help you look the best at the gym and the beach. You can do a bunch of daily duties, from lifting to pushing objects. Above all, while you’re able to boost your look and power, you can raise your mood as well.

Here are the top 4 chest exercises for men to build up your strength and size while supporting your whole movement.


Equipment needed: Pulley machine
Works your shoulder blades and chest muscles


  1. Start this workout with your feet planted as wide as your hips, or with one in front of the others as if you walk.
  2. Grasp your pulley handles with all arms straight out and facing inward, ensuring that both hands lie below shoulders and elbows are flexed a bit
  3. Make your motions slow and controlled when you bring all hands together and spread out the arms
  4. For a wider arc, go to move arms down first and then in toward each other
  5. Cross one of your hands over the other
  6. Bring arms slowly back to the start with control
  7. Never let the arms go back through your shoulders


Equipment needed: A pair of dumbbells
Works your chest, arms, and shoulder muscles


  1. Adjust your chest press bench so you can sit with knees flexed a bit and all feet on the ground
  2. Grasp your handles, and breathe out when you try to push them away till the arms become straight out
  3. Maintain your elbows slightly flexed
  4. When you inhale, pull the bars toward you slowly and with tight control, without letting the weights down


Equipment needed: Parallel dip bar
Works your chest, front shoulder, and triceps



  1. Grasp your parallel dip bars and raise up the body
  2. Maintain your elbows straight with head in line with trunk and wrists in line with forearms
  3. Bring one leg across the other to have your lower body stabilized and then pull in abs
  4. Breathe out and flex the elbows to lower yourself
  5. Keep the elbows close to sides and legs need to lie under the body to dodge tilting and swinging
  6. Lower your body until the elbows are at 90 degrees and the upper arms become parallel to the floor
  7. Keep wrists as straight as possible
  8. Pause, and then have your elbows straightened, pushing into the bars with hands, getting back to the start
  9. Maintain your body vertical and your wrists straight


Equipment needed: A set of dumbbells
Works your chest, triceps, and shoulders


  1. Take one dumbbell in each hand and then lie on your bench with feet firmly planted on the ground
  2. Press the shoulders, back, head, and your butts to the bench
  3. Place dumbbell nearby your chest and armpits with all palms facing inward
  4. Maintain your wrists straight
  5. Breathe out and pull in abs, and then slowly press your weights up straight above the chest
  6. Both of your arms need to be shoulder-width apart
  7. Maintain elbows straight but don’t let them be locked
  8. Breathe in and lower your weights slowly in a wide arc until they’re at your chest level
  9. Keep the dumbbells locked and then you can fly the weights toward the ceiling in the similar arc.


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