st ways to get in top shape is never skipping a workout! Try to find yourself a good routine that asks no equipment at all, makes sweating it out seriously amazing. By moving up and down, you can work your body in an exciting way. Keep your mind focused so that your muscles can work efficiently.

Right here, we’ll bring you the best five quick workouts you can do anywhere you like, to lose weight and tone up at the same time.



Target your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps


Source: muscle & fitness


  1. Step your right foot forward and flex knees to 90 degrees to do a lunge
  2. Push off your right front foot and raise knee up toward the chest and then step it back behind
  3. Drop down to do a reverse lunge and then push off feet to explode up in the air
  4. Switch stance and land back down in your lunge with the right foot in front
  5. Step your left foot up to do a forward lunge
  6. Repeat the reverse lunge and plyo lunge on the different sides
  7. Keep alternating lunges, one forward and one backward


Target your abs, quads, hips



  1. Begin in one expanded arm plank pose
  2. Flex the right elbow to put your forearm on the mat and then your left to strike a forearm plank
  3. Straighten the right elbow and then the left to be back to the high plank
  4. Jump with your feet to the outside of the right hand, then get back to plank pose
  5. Jump both feet to the outside of your left hand and then return your plank position
  6. Repeat the high-low plank before moving to diagonal hops


Target your glutes, abs, and hip


Source: Muscle and Fitness


  1. Begin standing with feet as wide as your hip’s width
  2. Do one burpee by putting hands on the ground and jumping feet back to your plank
  3. Jump them back up to both hands and explode up at the top to do another hop
  4. Hop your left foot out to the side and take your right foot behind the left leg
  5. Hop to your right side, bringing your left foot behind the right leg
  6. Do another skater to per side, repeat and keep alternating between one burpee and two skaters.



Target your hips, abs, and quads


Source: rollerderbyathletics


  1. Begin standing with feet as wide as your hip’s width
  2. Drop down into your squat all the way to the ground so that the butt can touch your mat
  3. Put all hands straight down by both sides and then roll on your back so that the feet can come overhead
  4. Roll back up and move to a squat
  5. Jump up at the top and repeat the roll and jump



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