-align: justify”>Do you love cardio but just can’t stand to run? If you feel this way, just test some kinds of cardio, and then you can find some quite enjoyable out of others that have been brutal. Come to find the best ways to squeeze cardio into the whole routine, especially when you don’t love it much: If you have enough fun, you might not know how hard you’re working out. Here are the best cardio exercises for those who hate running: 


Works your core


  1. Begin in a deep squat with legs a bit wider than hips and toes pointed outward
  2. Twist torso to your right side, reaching the right hand to your ceiling and then the left hand toward the floor
  3. Jump up and spin to the left 180 degrees, taking both hands overhead
  4. Land in your deep squat and twist torso to your left with the left hand reaching toward your ceiling and the right hand toward the floor
  5. Repeat, but then reverse directions so that you can jump spinning to the right and return the way you came for one rep
  6. Finish 10 reps


Works your hips and adductors


  1. Bounce on the balls of feet
  2. Jab to your right and then jab to your left
  3. Let both feet to swivel when you’re supposed to punch
  4. Throw in a few uppercuts if you feel like doing it  


Works your glutes, quads, and hamstrings


  1. Begin with feet shoulder width apart and arms down at sides
  2. Take a slow step back with your left or right foot entering into a lunge pose
  3. Jump with your explosive motion ensuring to get your feet off the ground
  4. Switch all legs in the mid-air so that your opposite foot is right in front of the landing
  5. Land back to your lunge and repeat the motion
  6. Ensure your body to stay upright throughout the motion and maintain the core engaged to be steady on the landing


Works your lower body



  1. Start in a plank pose with all feet together
  2. Pull abs in and jump all feet to your right, taking all knees toward the right elbow
  3. Your upper body must twist to the right
  4. Jump feet back to plank for one rep
  5. Repeat on the other side and keep alternating sides for 20 reps

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