f people decide to quit exercising when they’re in pain, which is surely a big mistake. Doing exercises can help them to minimize pain and boost your whole life. Right now, you don’t have to do any squat or run daily to keep in shape. There are other basic yet effective exercises for people with chronic pain that you can do without hurting yourself.

Remember to consult with your doctor or health expert before you begin doing any of these exercises.



Swimming is one of the most popular low-impact workouts which does not have to place a big pressure on your joints. It can build up your muscles as well as help you create higher flexibility. Better than this, swimming is also an effective way to loosen your muscles and it goes very easy on your back and the spine. Such a buoyancy will relieve stress on your joints of the body by expanding spine and limbs perfectly.




Tai Chi indeed helps reduce people who suffer chronic pain, especially when this Chinese practice tends to mix stretching, breath control, strength, and meditation, according to Harvard Health. In a study, those with fibromyalgia were studied to experience less pain after doing Tai Chi twice per week. Not only that, but Tai Chi is also known as an ideal method of lowering blood pressure, fighting depression, and improving heart health.




Stretching won’t only help us stay fit, but it also reduces our chronic pain. And the great thing about it here is that there are certain stretches you can do at the desk. Ensure to stretch daily to maintain your muscles both flexible and loose at the same time as well as give you a better range of motion during the workout. Some common light stretches you can try are hip flexor lunge and abs stretch, calf stretch planks, and torso rotations.



Source: prevention

According to the research, basic yoga postures are believed to minimize your pain and reduce your cortisol levels in females with fibromyalgia. It happened with those who practiced yoga for more than one hour twice per week. So it’s wise for you to dodge any hard pose who could strain your joints and spine. Here are the simplest yoga poses to help lower your pain: Child’s pose, forward fold, knees-to-chest post, and cobra.



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