of the most common things that each of us would love to consume on a daily basis. You probably need a cup of coffee to begin a new day, or a green tea to get through your dull afternoon. No matter what the case is, there’s no denying that caffeine here continues appearing in our daily lives.

The question we all concern here is whether caffeine is really good for your body or not. Sure enough, there are a few great benefits to consuming caffeine, but are these enough to surpass the negative effects it brings to us? Let’s find out!

Good benefits of consuming caffeine


Following research conducted by the University of Southampton from over two hundreds of studies on the true effects of coffee, the participants drinking three or four cups of coffee per day were found to have a lower risk of facing heart illness, Type II diabetes, liver, and skin cancer. Besides, a few studies prove that drinking coffee daily can help boost your memory.

Bad benefits of consuming caffeine


Known as a drug that can keep you returning for more. The body can feel addicted to it, quite fast, and if you decide to skip your daily dose, you tend to experience headaches, irritation and have difficulty concentrating. Besides, the other side of a coin is that if you consume much caffeine, you might suffer serious effects: anxiety, digestive issues, insomnia, and even muscle tremors.

Furthermore, if you rely on caffeine to get you going in every morning, the energy system in your body will be out of whack. You will become more dependent on the caffeine, meaning that you might have some trouble getting anything done without a cup of coffee.

Should we get rid of consuming caffeine?


The whole thing will be up to you, but if you’ve got any digestive, anxiety, or any sleeping issue, you must consider weaning from it. Yes, we’re sure that caffeine can help handle a few certain illnesses and boost your memory, but you might gain these benefits from other foods.

In case that you don’t have any health problem, you can find a good way to consume caffeine in a healthy way. Aiming for only 300mgs or less of caffeine is the best thing to do. And whatever you do, never surpass 500mgs of caffeine per day since it might lead to the increased heart rate and high blood pressure.


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