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Exercising with knee osteoarthritis seems to be the hardest thing on the world. However, treating your knees with rest and immobilization can lead to the disability in your legs. Exercising has shown to keep your legs functioning normally, and even reduce the pain in your knees.

A simple way to work your legs without putting pressure on the knees is to work out while sitting or lying. The exercises will strengthen the back of your legs, help circulation and support the movements of your knees.

Check out these knee strength exercises which anyone can do on a chair. Try them everyday and see the magic!

*Caution: Always consult your doctor or physician before starting this or any exercise program.



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START: Sit straight on a chair with good form. Extend a leg (one leg at a time) out to a slight angle. Don’t put it directly under your knees or fully straight locking your knees. Make it a slight bend.

END: Put both hands underneath the thigh. Press your heel into the ground to activate the leg and push the thigh into the hands. Hold for 10 to 20 counts, then release it. Alternate your legs and do the same. Complete 4 sets of 6 to 8 times, then build up to 4 sets of 10 to 15 times each leg.


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START: Sit back on a chair with good posture and your thigh rest one the edge of the chair. The chair must be high enough so that you can bend your legs at 90 degrees.

END: Keep your back straight and your abs tight during the exercise. Squeeze your thigh and lift one leg straight until it’s parallel to the floor. Hold the leg for 5 seconds and then release it down. Repeat 10 times before alternating your legs. Completes 4 sets of 10 times each leg.


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