have a tendency to consume more healthy foods, being careful in every choice is a must. No matter how much you wish or hope they to be, these foods aren’t as healthy as they seem.


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In spite of all the health claims about these energy and protein bars, they have nutritional profiles more similar to candy bars than fit foods. Actually, some bars have as much sugar as candy. You don’t have to banish them all, but take a look at the amount of sugar, calories, and ingredients before you grab one.


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Soda consumption has been shown to increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, and make you eat more. But you might not know that diet soda is no better than regular soda.The artificial sweeteners in diet soda can causes a spike in your blood sugar, which can turn into stored fat. Since artificial sweeteners are so much sweeter than actual sugar, the consequence may be worse.


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Despite being made of fruit, this chewy addition to trail mix and yogurt isn’t as healthy as you think. Not to mention the sulfur dioxide content to preserve freshness, they are packed with sugar to sweeten the flavor. This make dried fruit more akin to candy. Yes, you’re still getting a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, but it’s incredibly easy to overeat.


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Honestly saying, sports drinks are basically just sugar water and artificial food coloring. According to a study published in the journal Obesity, individuals who drink one or more sports drinks every day gained more weight over a three-year span than those who don’t. Their biggest benefit – electrolytes – is easily restored with natural foods and drinks like coconut water and bananas.


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Though skim milk helps you get rid of the fat, it skimps on a lot of healthy factors in whole milk. This kind of milk strips away essential vitamins as well as texture and flavor. To combat this, skim milk is fortified with synthetic vitamins in an attempt to replace the protein and calcium lost in processing. But without fat, you will have more problems at absorbing these nutrients.


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By juicing fruits, you take out one of the most valuable nutrient in the flesh and skin – fiber. Fiber helps stabilize your blood sugar after you consume those fruits. Moreover, most packaged fruit juices are loaded with sugar which can be stored as fat. If you want a glass, choose unsweetened tart cherry or grape juice to get a recovery boost after tough workouts.


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Most of the nutrition values in fruits and vegetables are destroyed due to how they are processed. What you have is just a chip that’s artificially colored and flavored to look and taste like a vegetable or fruit.


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