ways a horrible problem that leaves you discomfort when communicating with people. Bad breath is characterized by an unpleasant odor of the mouth. It can be a result of consuming some food or having poor dental hygiene, health problems, dry mouth, and oral infections. However, do not worry about that much as you have tons of ways to improve your breath. Try these simple steps to make your mouth feel fresh and clean.


In fact, the coating that normally forms on your tongue can be a host for smelly bacteria. To get rid of them, gently brush your tongue with your toothbrush. If your brush is too big to comfortably reach the back of your tongue, try a scraper. A tongue scraper removes the sulfur that rises to the surface of the tongue. If your breath is particularly horrid at any given time, you might notice that it’s got a small coating of the stuff, which can be gently scraped away. The process of cleaning your tongue is so simple. After brushing, leave a coat of toothpaste on the tongue. Then, drag the scraper gently over the top surface of the tongue with back to front movement before rinsing and swishing mouthwash.


There are certain foods that cause bad breath. Onions and garlic are one of the most common offenders. Eating these kinds of food will cause halitosis, commonly known as bad breath. It’s because sulfur is nature’s way of creating odors – and onions and garlic contain molecules called mercaptans, a type of sulfur compound. The substances that cause their bad smells make their way into your bloodstream and travel to your lungs, where you breathe them out. Moreover, dense protein foods also cause bad breath. While dairy contains nutrients necessary for bone health, consumption of these products creates an oral condition. This is especially true for lactose intolerant people because the buildup of proteins during digestion is even greater.


All of you know that tobacco can cause huge damages to your heart, lung, and breathing system. In fact, smoking and chewing tobacco dries out your mouth and causes bad breath. Therefore, anytime you smoke or chew tobacco products, you are more likely to have bad breath. The immediate way that cigarettes cause bad breath is by leaving smoke particles in the throat and lungs. This effect is typical of nearly any tobacco product that involves inhaling smoke or rolling it around in the mouth. The smell of a freshly smoked cigarette can linger in the lungs for hours, hence the stale scent associated with smoker’s breath. If you want to refresh your breath, quitting tobacco is the first and smartest thing to do right now. Make an appointment with your doctor to talk about quit-smoking programs or prescription medications that can help you give up tobacco quickly and effectively.


After having a meal, bacteria in your mouth begin to consume food particles on your tongue and between your teeth. As microbes make those particles decay, the bacteria themselves emit volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs), which smell very strongly. Like mouthwash, a breath mint or minty gum is just a cover-up to help you remove the bad breath. Gum provides a convenient and immediate solution to bad breath or dry mouth when you’re on the go. However, avoid gum, which contains sugar. The bacteria in your mouth love sugar as they use it to make acid. This wears down your teeth and causes bad breath. This is the reason why you should chew sugarless gum instead.


Yogurt is good for your digestion but it’s also a great plus for your bad breath. The live bacteria in yogurt can suppress levels of bad-breath-causing bacteria. It also reduces the smell-inducing bacteria coating the tongue. A new study suggests that a daily dose of yogurt may keep your breath fresh and fend off offensive odors. Researchers found that eating 6 ounces of yogurt a day reduced levels of odor-causing compounds, such as hydrogen sulfide, in the mouth. Make sure the yogurt you buy contains lots of acidophilus, bifidus and other probiotics. And buy unsweetened yogurt. Add fresh fruit at home instead.


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