/yes4all.com/thigh-master.html”>”Thigh master” is proven by the experts as an efficient way to work out the whole body by targeting, toning, and tightening your inner arms and thighs in no time. Do these workouts now if you want to shape up for a perfect inner thigh gap and the unbelievably slimmer arms!

Here, some thigh tips you can’t miss out: 

Before starting any long-term exercise plan, consult with your doctor first to ensure you’re not injuring yourself with a brand new workout routine. For instance, if an athlete has a problem with back, there will be some certain thigh master exercises you need to avoid.

  • Take 5 to 10 minutes to warm up and cool down
  • Plan to start slowly and boost your activity level
  • Complete 2- 4 sets of 6- 8 repetitions of each exercise
  • Rest approximately 30-60 seconds between each
  • Incorporate with aerobic exercises to boost your thigh master workout



1. Flabby arms? Tone them up now!


Start: Keep your upper arm parallel to your body with your elbow on your leg.

Finish: With one hand on each handle, bring your thigh master in a 90 degree angle to exercise your arm. Repeat with other arm.




2. Round and beautiful shoulders? Do “Chest Press”


Start: With the hinge facing the ceiling and the handles pointed down, rest your elbows on the handles and place your hands near the hinge.

Finish: Slowly squeeze your elbows close together and exhale. Inhale and return slowly to the starting position.




3. Want a sexy back? Choose back training!


Start: Place the thigh master behind your back. Straighten your arms and rest your elbows on the handles and place your hands on the hinge.

Finish: Bend and squeeze your elbows together to exercise your back.




4. Get a thigh gap fast with “Thigh Bridge” 



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