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Sleeping is a vital part of our health, which is needed for good health and overall wellness. However, many people seem not to care much about their sleep and don’t even know much about it.

How well do you know about your sleep? Let’s check it out right here:

  1. Sleep time varies among people

It’s recommended that adults sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per night. But depending on their age, lifestyle, and health, people will require more or less. Some people need to sleep up to 9 hours to feel clear-headed, while some others only need 6 hours. But in any case, it’s important not to sleep less than 6 hours.

  1. What is a good night’s sleep

The three keys of a good night’s sleep include good timing, good quality, and good quantity. So, not only that you have to have enough sleep at the right time, but also have to make sure your sleep is deep and restful.

  1. You can’t compensate your sleep

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You can’t sleep off a sleep debt you’ve accumulated during the week in an attempt to pay off it. No matter how hard you try, you can’t gain back that lost energy over the week.

  1. Your sleep is as important as diet and exercise

Without an adequate amount of sleep, our mental and physical health can suffer. Sleep loss can lead to daytime sleepiness that adversely affects performance. Lack of sleep can alter your hormonal system, make you stressed and crave for more food.

  1. Naps are good

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Just a 20 to 30 minutes of nap can increase your alertness and productivity. The trick is to time your nap right, not too short or too long. You will need enough sleep to feel its effects but don’t want to fall into a deep sleep that could make you wake up feeling groggy. 


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