mal”>You like sweetness but don’t want to gain weight, right? We’ll introduce you the top 4 sweet snacks under 200 calories which can satisfy your sweet tooth without adding more pounds to your body. All of them are gluten-free, grain-free and low carb, making the greatest solutions for your pre-workout or post-workout snack!

Trust me, these flavorful treats will satisfy any palate that never tips your calorie count over the edge.



Source: veggiegrettie

Total calories: 165

Apple chips contain an appropriate level of fiber, potassium, calcium, and protein with cinnamon over. To make this treat, just mix cinnamon with 4oz of your fat-free yogurt, and then you can get some dried apple rings here to dip into it. You’ll love such bite-sized apples for sure, especially when they’re covered with cinnamon sugar – your sweet craving is just fully satisfied!

Come to toss them in your oatmeal or avail them in baking. Besides, you can use these chips as the greatest addition to your baked cakes, such as cookies or muffins.



Source: King Arthur Flour

Total calories: 180

Now move on to another tasty fruit that everyone will love it for the first try. Mix blueberries with your cake-like base, and then you have such a fluffy sweet treat.

The muffin is not just gluten free, grain free but also paleo-friendly, so they’re not just healthy but also focusing mostly on clean ingredients, making them the perfect option for breakfast and snacks.

To make the cake, what you need is one bowl and some essential ingredients, such as flour, vanilla, vegetable oil, blueberries, and sugar.


Total calories: 192

If you’re searching for something that is not just creamy but also sweet, a pudding cup with sliced almonds hits the spot. At times, pudding is one of the best ways to go, especially when it comes to fat-free varieties.

Just keep your hunger at bay since we need to make this delicious treat with 3 tablespoon of protein and some fiber-packed almonds.

The fiber volume in the snack provides you with a few hours of keeping power while protein amount will send a message to your brain that you can feel full and satisfied.



Total calories: 192

While these muffins were made for any special season and festive, they become a year-round favorite muffins out of other sweet treats! Also, the treat this time just suits your breakfast the most, thanks to its protein-backed frosting and the flourless texture.

To make the snack, you must measure potato, use ¾ cup of mashed sweet potato with the rest of ingredients in a blender. Blend it on high until it becomes smoother. Add baking powder and the blend on low until they’re combined.

So let’s start your day on a healthy note because these muffins are packed up with protein and nourishment.




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