ey equipment to reap your physical and mental benefits since all you need is only an exercise mat! Any mat-based Pilates workout is said to be a gentle yet a serious strength exercise that can help relieve your low-back pain, minimize body fat, boost flexibility, and support your well-being.

Here, we will demonstrate the five best Pilates exercises for all fitness levels – no gym or any extra equipment needed. It does not matter if you’re new to Pilates or a pro, you still can follow along and gain the best results after completing the following moves.


15 reps per side

Engage your six-pack muscles


Source: ekhartyoga


  1. Walk hands out to your plank pose
  2. Clench the core to draw your right knee into chest
  3. Spread your leg back and point toes to the ceiling and engage glutes and hamstrings
  4. Repeat for 5 reps
  5. Take your right knee to left shoulder in a similar manner for 5 reps
  6. Bring right knee to right shoulder in the same manner fo 5 reps
  7. Repeat the whole series on the other leg


10 lifts and 10 circles per side

Engage your six-pack muscles


Source: theepochtimes


  1. From kneeling, lower your left hand to the floor and spread the opposite your right out
  2. Hold the right hand behind your head
  3. Raise the right leg to your hip height before lowering it for 10 reps
  4. Hold leg at your hip height and swivel leg in little circles for 10 reps
  5. For modification, lie on one side rather than kneel


10 – 15 reps per side

Engage your lower abdominal muscles   


Source: Art of Control


  1. Lie faceup and twist up to lift shoulders a bit and then clench your abdominals for supporting lower back
  2. Spread all the arms by ears and lift legs up to a 45-degree angle from the ground
  3. Circle your arms around and hug knees into chest
  4. Maintain legs at a 90-degree angle and rest your head
  5. Add leg beats and scissor legs on top of each other for five beats with every extension



5 reps per side

Engage your entire core and glutes


Source: Sporteluxe


  1. Lie on your right side, supporting the whole body with the right hand
  2. Clench core and swivel hips to raise legs as high as you can from the ground to target your glutes
  3. Go back to the starting point with more control


5 reps per side

Engage your back and hamstrings



  1. Lie faceup and spread all the arms to ceiling, raising your head and clenching your core to roll up gently
  2. Reach forward with both hands reaching toward your toes while still drawing the waist back to make strength along the spine and keeping a feeling of drawing the abs in
  3. Roll back down gradually

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