hey are good, get yourself to eat the healthy foods sometimes can be a real struggle. Check out these 5 tricks to make healthy foods taste much better.


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Taste buds are more sensitive when we are kids, which make foods that taste too strong or bitter seem worse. Your childhood memories may convince you that Brussels sprouts or olives are horrible and you should avoid them. Also, your younger self probably wasn’t thinking about the nutritional value of these foods.

When you try those same foods again, you may not mind them as much as the first time. How you cook them also matters. You can try roasting vegetables to bring out their natural sweetness and make them more palatable.


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When you eat sugary, fatty, or salty foods, the tolerance to them will increase over time. As a result, you will start eating more and more to reach the same level of satisfaction. It takes a long time until your brain can give up its love for sugary and fatty foods. So, instead of going cold turkey on junk, you should cut down in small steps.

For example, take one less spoon of sugar in your tea or coffee for a week, then another spoon after that. After about a month, you’ll need less sugar to hit the spot. This will also make your palate more receptive to new flavors.


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A little compromise can help when you try to eat a particular food. One common way is to sprinkle some cheese on your salad to mitigate the flavor of vegetables. This little cheating helps you mask their flavor at first. But after several exposures, your brain forms a positive association with both tastes. After a while, you’ll likely find you can eat the healthy food on its own, and you might even enjoy it too.


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Up the experience of the meal and you might find yourself expanding your palate to more of nature’s good stuff. You can have dinner with friends, go to a great restaurant, or cook with the freshest ingredients. Even the music we hear while eating influences how we judge food.


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The presentation of your foods may affect your appetite significantly. It’s easy to understand when with the same ingredients, artfully arranged salad will feel more delicious. According to a study from Women’s Health magazine, most Americans typically begin their meal from the right side of the plate. So, it’s suggested to put the greener foods on this side to get yourself eat some more greens.


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