Adjustable dumbbells are always among the top choices of those looking for home training equipment, mainly due to their versatility and usefulness fitting any training purpose.

But beyond that, what makes them such terrific training tools and so popular within the fitness world? Here are your answers:

  1. Adds variety to workout options

The basic, simplistic and ergonomic design of the adjustable dumbbells allows you to move and change direction freely, adding variations to your workouts. With just a set of adjustable dumbbells, you will log in a total body workout without having to switch machines constantly. You can pick either a heavy pair to build strength or light ones to tweak the difficulty of your cardio exercises.

  1. Enhances muscular development

Strength training is essential for the process of building up or maintaining muscle mass. But how you train your muscles will lead to different results. The instability of free weights like dumbbells helps boost the stabilization in your muscles, which cannot be done with strength machines. It targets and strengthens your muscles in every angle, triggering more growth.

  1. Easy progressive training

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You don’t have to be an experienced weightlifter to use dumbbells, as a lightweight set is sufficient enough for beginners. Once you are stronger, you can add more weights to better progress your training. The reason for this is because adjustable dumbbells allow you to easily and quickly change resistance levels whenever you want in order to lift more weight or do more reps.

  1. Space saving

For those with limited home space, finding place to store training equipment can be quite troublesome. With adjustable dumbbells, no longer will you have to worry about that. Despite the wide range of exercises that they provide, adjustable dumbbells take no more than a small corner in your room.

  1. Doesn’t cost much

For a training aid that lasts a lifetime, a set of adjustable dumbbells doesn’t seem to cost you much. They are much cheaper than huge strength machines that work only specific muscle groups. Adding the maintenance cost and so on, just imagine how much more you have to spend to target your entire body.

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