eneficial, but how beneficial can it get? And what does that have to do with getting fit?

Losing weight and becoming fit are two of the things that most people think about doing, but never got around actually doing it. Is the problem the lack of motivation? No, not quite. Most people are actually already motivated to get ahead in their fitness endeavors, to get healthy, like all those handsomely fit action movie stars or star sport athletes that we admire and know about. But many are just simply more motivated to put that chocolate bar in their mouths, or eat some fresh meaty desserts rather than vegetables and lie on their couch watching Netflix than going outside and jog.

But the reason for this might be simpler than you think: the fact that you don’t see instant “rewards” when exercising, eating healthy, in comparison to the sweetness, tastiness of fast foods, of rich meats. You don’t know yet how your body, your health will turn out after one hard work out, but you do know what you’re going to get with those easy junk foods that surround us every turn in this modern world. You do know you will have a good time sitting idly binge-watching your favorite TV shows. We trend towards constant gratifications, immediate benefits and don’t usually see the long term gains, and it’s one of our biggest downfalls, not just in fitness but in life as well.

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There are several things you can do to combat this nagging procrastination, one of it has to do with writing. Writing helps you focus all your attention and recognize what is at stake, which is extremely necessary to those who wish to make themselves healthier, better, but don’t know how to start and where to start. These writing tips compiled below can help you redirect your motivation towards eating healthier, exercising more and changing your behaviors. Jot down and get to the jogging!

  1. Write down the negative reasons that motivate you to get healthy

Negativity can sometimes be used for good, especially when you mask it as a mental boogieman to scare you from doing bad things. Same can be said in regards to fitness goals as well.

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In order to get healthier, you must first understand the reason for doing it. Write down all the bad eating junk food and never exercising can do for us. Energy deficiency, diseases and sickness, weight gain, bad shape… all of it. Make it a parade of boogieman inside your head.

  1. Write down the positive reasons that motivate you to get healthy

Getting fit and working out more have a lot of long term benefits, but we tend to forget them all as we chew something tasty that’s quite resembling happiness, even if temporary. We must make getting fit and working out enjoyable undertakings.

Having a healthier body, working out more can mean a lot of things, such as a sexy body, more energy to do the things we love, better protection against cold or various other diseases. And these things in turns can result in really great, fantastic things for us, in life, family, love or career. Write to remind yourself every day the reasons for doing all this.

  1. Write down your goals and plans

Sometimes, when we do get past the big mental blocks that continually keep us pinned down on our cozy beds, we run into another similarly troubling issue: with so much to do, you don’t know what to do.

There are too many guides, tips, ways to do exercises, ways to schedule your workouts! These are all the imminent questions every new gym goer has to face sooner or later.

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The fact is, you must find a specific personal fitness plan for yourself. Not everyone is the same, so no plan is equal to another. You must know your own body and adjust accordingly. Get knowledgeable, consult experts or do your own “internet homework”. Be very specific about what you want to accomplish. Know how much time each week you’ll spend at the gyms, how your diet plans will turn out and more. Write down detailed goals for certain time periods, calculate your weight each week or each day. Do all the things you could to make sure that you get a real idea about how to get started.



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